16 exhibition Galerie 'Eremitage am Kamp' | personale
exhibition Galerie 'Eremitage am Kamp' | participation | 'Das Leben ist ein freier Fluss'
15 exhibition MetroKinoKulturhaus, Vienna, participation at the opening-exhibition 'KINO MAGIE'
exhibition 'VITRINEN' | accompanying the concertante reading 'Fast tödliche Vögel der Seele'
texts by Rainer Maria Rilke | Alte Sägewerkshalle, Heumühle, Rappottenstein
12 removing my atelier from Vienna to countryside to get more room to realise my free art work
09 assistent set design Opera Bastille, Paris, 20th anniversary | Am Anfang | director and set design: Anselm Kiefer
forwarding several projects of the own workshop
05 freelance art work for Anselm Kiefer | continous art work production and project accounterbility
04 set design/kostume Burgtheater | Zettelträger Papp, 3 plays by Johann Nestroy | director: Robert Mayer
assistent set design Teatro di San Carlo | Elektra by Richard Strauss | design: Anselm Kiefer, director: Klaus Michael Grüber
03 assistent set design Burgtheater | Ödipus by Sophokles | for Anselm Kiefer, director: Klaus Michael Grüber
02 set design Akademietheater | Lucky days by Samuel Beckett | Berliner Ensemble | director: Edith Clever
set design Burgtheater | The women by Clare Boothe Luce | director: Sven-Eric Bechtolf, Wolfgang Wiens
01 set design/kostume Akademietheater | Nie mehr, nie mehr ins Theater, 8 plays by Karl Valentin | director: Robert Mayer
99 set design Tanz*Hotel at WUK | Cut a way | gast play: Kairo
set design Tanz*Hotel at WUK | Il libro mio | gast plays: Skopje, New Delhi, Madras, St. Pölten, Florenz
98 set design Tanz*Hotel | Time Sailors III | at the Otto Wagner floodgate-island in the danubecanal
97 award Emanuel- und Sofie Fohn Foundation of Fine Arts, grant
96 degree University of Applied Arts, Vienna, with the videoinstallation 'INSTANTENIOUS / VELOSITY'
95 admission Central St. Martins College of Art and Design, London, Course Director Mr. Dermot Hayes
94 award Fred Adlmüller Foundation, grant for exceptional study works
admission University of Applied Arts, Vienna, masterclass of HS Prof. Axel Manthey
Department for Visual Communication, Stage-, Costume- and Filmdesign
92 set design Schutzhaus Waidäcker | Frank und Stein by Ken Campbell | Director: Hermann Schmidt-Rahmer